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Fantasia Crystals
5108 North 7th Street
Phoenix, Az 85014
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Fantasia Crystals is located between Missouri and Camelback on the west side of 7th street.

Open 9-7 Monday through Saturday and 9-6 on Sunday.

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Exciting news! The Northern Winds has merged with Fantasia Crystals!

All of the wonderful products, staff and services that were offered by Northern Winds are still here, just with the added convenience of being one store instead of two.

The Northern Winds will be the trademark name for our home made product line of Magical Oils, Room & Body Mists, Granular Incenses, Rune Sets, Jewelry and our very popular Chakra and Aura Mist, all which are exclusively found at Fantasia Crystals.

Our Products:  
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Our Magical Oils are hand blended with essential oils, herbs and more in a base of organic Jojoba oil. These oils are all purpose and can be used on the skin, on candles, in a bath, or anywhere else you wish. We currently have 29 blends in stock!

The Northern Winds Room and Body Mists are blended with essential and perfume oils and purified water - that's it - for a natural and refreshing way to bring in your intent. We currently have 27 blends, including our most popular blend 'Aura and Chakra Mist' which is made with rare and precious essential oils, gemstone elixirs, colloidal gold and silver, each with a small piece of clear quartz inside.

Our old world granular incenses are blended from costly natural resins, essential oils, herbs and honey and come in 24 varieties. These natural incenses are meant to be burned on charcoal, just the way all ancient cultures did.

Come down to Fantasia Crystals and see our other products, including Magical Sprinkling Powders, Gossip Stopper Blend, Rune sets and much more!